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The French Press, my personal gateway to home brewing, is often overlooked because it seems so archaic, so basic, so much less exciting than pour over. Also, the resulting cup is far less clean than coffee made with paper filters. But it can still be incredibly delicious and it’s so simple to use. You can also do a few things differently when using a French Press that will help reduce the gritty sediment that most people dislike about this brew method. James Hoffmann made a nice tutorial video about his technique.

But no matter how you brew your coffee or personally feel about the French Press, design and glassware aficionados alike will love this glass interpretation of the French Press from the Florida-Based design company, Yield. I’ve admired their ceramic version for years, but I have never had the need to buy one. This glass adaptation however makes me reconsider my “needs.” Functionally, it works like every other standard French Press out there (with exception to the Espro Press), but aesthetically, it has very few equals. But for your wallet’s sake—please don’t break it ($85).



Yield was originally founded in San Francisco by two former California College of the Arts (CCA) students. Rachel Gant and her partner Andrew Deming, who have continued to beautifully re-design classic items that we use in our everyday lives (major tote bag envy) with high quality craft and materials. Many of the products are incredibly simple and classic looking, but they still present a unique style that has landed them in places like the SFMoMA shop and other contemporary art museums around the world. Yield makes products that cost more, but last longer and that’s how I prefer to shop.

The press pots are part of a more extensive line of new glassware products from Yield that include double-wall V60-style pour over cones and some gorgeous double-wall drinking glasses. The whole range is available in three colors—amber, grey, and clear—and deciding which color I like the most is something I can’t deal with right now. Sip, scroll, and enjoy all of the photos below.

Yield Design






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