Wendelboe & Wennersgaard’s Nordic Approach


There’s been a lot of great news coming out of Scandinavia in recent weeks and with the Nordic Barista Cup this weekend, there’s likely more to come. Following the recent launch of Nordic Coffee Culture—a collaborative brain trust of leading nordic coffee minds—Tim Wendelboe and Morten Wennersgaard have announced their new coffee importing company, Nordic Approach.

With a strong focus on cup quality, transparency, and direct farmer relationships, Nordic Approach will make some of the world’s best green coffees more accessible to the emerging quality-focused roasters in Europe.

Tim’s knowledge, whose self-titled company is known for its exceptional coffee, as well as the expertise of Morten, green buyer for Solberg & Hansen another Nordic gem, create a dynamic duo who will continue creating more value and understanding for exceptional coffee and the farmers who grow it.

Congrats on the new venture!

While this all may seem inconsequential to those in the US, it should be noted that one third of Handsome Roasters is currently in Norway this week, presumably learning a bit about the Nordic approach to roasting and how to export some of that knowledge back to the handsomest new coffee company in the States.

[photo via Nordic Approach]

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