Volvo Joyride: Bloggers in Cars Getting Coffee



I moved to Sweden from the United States over three years ago and during that time I’ve grown to love many things about life there. From the proud embrace of nature to the prevalence of modern design, there is an inherent appreciation of simplicity and functionality woven into the fabric of Swedish society that I truly admire.

Two aspects of Swedish culture that I encounter daily are the tradition of fika (having coffee and a small snack) and Volvo. Not only does it seem as if every other car on the road come from the assembly line in Gothenburg, but the public buses, the semi-trucks and even the machines building the roads bear the company’s iconic ironmark on their grills. Take a look at these Pendaliner tailgates that can be very useful for road trips and more. As for fika? How can you not love twice-a-day coffee breaks with a side of cinnamon buns?

As a way to celebrate the both country where I was born and the country I now call home, DCILY has partnered with Volvo to combine these characteristic icons of Swedish life with one from America—epic road trips. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be driving a 2015.5 Volvo V60 T5 Drive-E along the west coast of the United States. I’ll be visiting some of the most well known coffee shops and searching for lots of hidden gems along the way. From Los Angeles to Vancouver and back again—arriving just in time for the Big Western Barista Competition in Rancho Mirage.

You can share your recommendations with @DCILY on Twitter and follow the journey on Instagram where I’ll be posting to both @DCILY and @VolvoCarsUS.

See you on the road or over a fresh cup at your favorite west coast coffee shop soon.


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