Trailhead Coffee Cruiser


Trailhead Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon may embody all things that come to mind when you think of the Pacific Northwest, coffee, bikes, and all the beautiful parks to explore. They’ve worked with Metrofiets to have a custom cargo bike designed and built to carry around large loads of coffee that pretty much embodies their company mantra:

Trailhead Coffee Roasters was created to combine our passions in life: great coffee, being outdoors, strong communities and being good stewards to the earth.

The company gives back to its community locally and globally through Kiva and by providing coffee to bike races and commuter events around town, which probably gives them ample opportunities to take this beauty out for a spin. While I’ve never had their coffee, I’d love to try their Guatemala –”Our latest addition. Three words: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Amazing.” Sounds like it!

More photos on Metrofiet’s Flickr

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