The Quiet Sound of A Flyingthud


While everyone was fawning over the New Year return of James Hoffmann (guilty!) another voice quietly reemerged to the internet after nearly 20 months of silence. Like a small gift left unopened behind the Christmas tree, Stephen Morrissey—2008 World Barista Champion, Director of Marketing at Intelligentsia and a founder of Coffee Common—began 2012 with an honest post about his morning coffee routine.

I spend the entire brewing cycle dwelling ( sorry ) about variables. I wonder how much coffee should I use to purge. I wonder did I store the coffee properly, will 2 days off roast have a big impact – should I let the grounds sit a little before brewing or should I brew with hotter water? I wonder should I boil the water in the kettle, and then decant into the buono, or maybe bring all the water to a boil on the hob, I wonder how much water temperature matters anyway – I’m pretty sure Jen fills a cold buono with water 10 seconds off the boil, but her brews are always solid. Shit, what does Jen do agitation wise – why didn’t I watch her stirring technique instead of adding more butter to the scrambled eggs. – Flyingthud

Read the rest for yourself with a subtle Irish brogue: Flyingthud

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