The Grand Crus Cup Parade


On Monday, I wrote about clocks powered by used coffee grounds and recycled Nespresso capsules from the Sustain.Ability.Design competition at Vienna Design Week. This is another winner from the same competition, but with more realistic merit. The Grand Crus Cup Parade, designed by Dottings, is a collection of coffee cups and saucers made from recycled aluminum Nespresso capsules. The design of the cups mimic the shape and colors of the capsules themselves, and could be purchased with points earned from returning used capsules to the company.

I really love these cups, they are quite beautiful and the idea is very clever. However, it’s still a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place—unnecessary disposable cups. Another issue I see with this, is that once someone has a set of cups for themselves, there’s little incentive to recycle the capsules any longer—making this “sustainable” solution a temporary one.

via Dezeen

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