Team SWE


Introducing the Swedish National Barista Team! These four snyggen individuals will be competing 2 weeks from now at the Nordic Barista Cup in Copenhagen. I’m proud to call Sweden my new home and be represented by such a talented team. Looking forward to seeing them all in their NBC shirts as well—I hear they’re pretty awesome this year.

From Jesper over at Syn City:

From left to right: Anne Lunell of Koppi in Helsingborg, former Swedish champ, barista at Coffee Common in TEDinburgh and judge at the upcoming World AeroPress Championships in Milan. Alexander Ruas of Drop Coffee in Stockholm, reigning Swedish Barista Champion and teamed up with Anne at the Coffee Common. Also a heck of a photographer and proud father of two. Pernilla Gard of da Matteo in Gothenburg, part of last years winning team in the Nordic Barista Cup in Oslo, and with a very impressive performance in this years Swedish Barista Championships she secured a Bronze place. Per Nordby, former da Matteo roaster/barista/trainer/buyer/whatever and now a man on his own feet, travelling the world in pursuit of good good coffee, and working on an Errol Flynn mo (and it’s not even Movember).

Lycka till!

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