That Final Festive Touch


For everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, may it be a pleasant one that hopefully ends with better coffee than Maxwell House. Cheers!

From the 1945 Maxwell ad:

This year–especially—Thanksgiving is a red-letter day. A day of rejoicing… of reunions… of “home again” dinners, lovingly prepared, pleasantly lingered over. And as the fragrance of spicy pies and puddings scents the air, the mellow richness of Maxwell House Coffee adds its own very special good cheer to the occasion. There’s a warm welcome in every friendly cup.

It’s a coffee worthy of a gala dinner. Expertly blended—it combines many fine Latin-American coffees for extra flavor! Manizales for mellowness! Bucaramangas for full body! Medellins for richness! Still other choice Latin-American coffees for vigor! It’s Radiant Roasted too—to develop the maximum flavor goodness!

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Coffee from the Trenches


I’ve had a few recent conversation’s with military guys who spoke of the terrible coffee in Afghanistan and a Veteran who reminisced about the 20lb tins of dirt the Government would pass for coffee on Navy ships. Ironically, I stumbled upon this vintage ad from 1919 that proudly declares its coffee “supplied the boys in the trenches because the Government wanted them to have the best.” If only we could honor the men & women over seas with something a bit less “soluble” and bit more enjoyable.

Also, note that iced-coffee was in vogue over 90 years ago!

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Vintage Coffee Tins


The Dieline discovered this amazing set of vintage coffee cans from the 19th century in the virtual aisles of Z&K Antiques. While I can only imagine how terrible the coffee was, the eclectic spirit of the typography and design is fantastic. Enjoy!

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Beautiful sign and photograph from Olivia.

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Your guide to a better cup



Cool vintage grinder sign sent in by Christina. I really love the icons. In a world full of Kuerigs, Via and single serve pucks, too many people lack the understanding of the proper grind.

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