Moccamaster’s Search


Moccamaster, known by some to be the best autodrip coffee brewer you can buy for your home, has launched a new website called “The Search”. It’s a nicely designed site that hosts a series of videos about “three guys and a coffee expert, traveling the world looking for a better cup of coffee” (how do I join that team?). They begin their travels in Uganda looking for a pan roaster in a metal scrap warehouse before heading off to visit a farm and search for a “hidden island” that is told to have the best coffee in Rwanda.

The first three “episodes” have been posted already, as well as a couple videos in the Coffee Basics section. However, the basics are a bit too basic to really teach anyone anything. To say that a level cappuccino cup is the ideal amount of coffee per liter of water, doesn’t take into account that people have different sized cappuccino cups. The videos are well produced, with enough sparkling music to keep the drama high for anyone who enjoys their reality television dramatic.

If you follow their twitter, you’ll get updates when the new episodes are released and you can watch their story unfold. Enjoy!

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posted by on 10.29.2010, under Design, Misc., Videos