Espresso is not


After posting my last print, I decided to make a series of them that address many of the errors I encounter daily in the world of coffee. These are things I find annoying or just plain wrong, yet are continually perpetuated by marketers, and the uninformed. So think of these as Espresso 101 flash cards. There will be a test, so find a partner and study up!

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The Dreaded X


I have a long list of coffee related agitations, but number one on that list developed during my years as a barista. The dreaded X that so many people use while confidently ordering their espresso makes me cringe every time. I can’t explain the severity of my reaction other than it’s such an obvious mispronunciation that’s too often repeated.

Recently at my local market, I heard a woman condescendingly attempt to school an employee about espresso, while continually referring to it as expresso. I stood quietly behind her biting my lip. I’ve designed this in response to eventually offer as a print for interested parties to proudly display wherever their shots are pulled.

Archival prints can now be purchased here.

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Brave New World of Coffee


Beautifully clean editorial design for an article about the new wave of coffee in San Francisco Magazine.

A new generation of café owners and roasters has burst from the dark shadow of Peet’s and “Charbucks,” luring its patrons toward a more complex and varied caffeinated frontier. Its members value lighter roasts, the better to unmask a coffee’s nuanced nature. They place emphasis on provenance and preparation, tracing beans to cherished “micro-lots” and prized Producers while geeking out over machines priced higher than your car. They hold public “cuppings.” They debate “flavor profiles,” gushing over citrus notes and chocolaty aromas. Like chefs fi ne-tuning menus, they approach their product as cuisine. –San Francisco Magazine

Design by Alejandro Chavetta
Photography by Michael Jang

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Blogs & Coffee


A new print by Jennifer Ramos at MadeByGirl. If blogs and coffee are her thing, blogs about coffee must really drive her wild.

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I’d love to get ahold of a mug like this, it’s fantastic! Do you drink decaf? Daily Shot of Coffee was asking readers in a recent poll—my answer, definitely not!

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Beautiful sign and photograph from Olivia.

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Your guide to a better cup



Cool vintage grinder sign sent in by Christina. I really love the icons. In a world full of Kuerigs, Via and single serve pucks, too many people lack the understanding of the proper grind.

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