Wave Commuter Mug


Have you ever discovered a great band only to find out they’ve broken up? That’s how I feel after coming across the Wave Commuter Mug. It seems to have been first discovered only two months ago, but the website that all searches link back too, no longer have a page up for it. I’ve written the company to inquire about its existence and it’s future and I’ll update accordingly.

The Wave is a 10oz, double walled porcelain mug, similar to the ceramic “paper cup” mugs, but with a bit of character designed into its shape. A more functional lid with a sliding cap screws into the mug, preventing spills and the experience of drinking through a rubber hole. It also comes with a pour-over adapter so you can brew a single cup right into it. While it carries a hefty price tag of $60, sometimes you’ll pay a lot of money for front row seats to see your new favorite band’s reunion show.

The Wave Commuter Mug is now back in stock at Charles & Marie

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The Coffee Brake


I really love coffee, but I equally love bikes and good design. So when I saw this mug I fell hard. It stung even more when I found out they aren’t available (yet!), but when they are, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. The Scallywags started out building frankenbikes in a garage up North, but now deliver coffee by bike to homes and businesses around Huntsville, AL. Here’s the scoop on their future offering.

Created by a world traveler who dared to ask the question: “What good is a sturdy metal mug with a flimsy plastic handle?” Whether you’re a hardcore coffee drinker or a dabbler, this 14 oz. double-walled insulated stainless steel mug is what you’re after. Bicycle brake handle fixed in one of two positions. Non-skid bottom and snug-fitting plastic lid.

They’ve got an inspiring story, check it out at www.the-scallywags.com

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