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I’d like you all to meet the newest supporter of DCILY—Clive Coffee. The first time I came across their website a year ago, I thought, “they’re doing everything I would do, if I were doing what they’re doing.” Clive Coffee is a number of things, and I love who they are because they’ve put design at the forefront of all of them.

Clive’s purpose is simple, to help you enjoy great coffee at home. They do this by selling a great selection of the top coffee and espresso brewing equipment for your home, leading classes that teach you how to use your new gear, and micro-roasting a nice range of single origin coffees. From the design of their website, to their gallery-esque showroom, to the beauty of their original products, they consider every detail.

I first wrote about Clive at the beginning of the year, after they launched their beautiful pour-over stand, but I didn’t take much time to talk much about the other great things they do, so I’m happy to finally share more of those things with you.

Aside from selling coffee gear, many people don’t realize that Clive is also a craft-focused coffee roaster. They sell individual 12oz bags, or you can create a reoccurring subscription with any of the coffees they offer mailed to your home or office. They sent me a sample pack of some coffee and I enjoyed a nice weekend cupping with my girlfriend, which led to a few fun tasting notes like “sun,” “marzipan,” “red,” “milk duds,” and “tar” (neither of us are very partial to Indonesians).

You will also find a lot of great information on the Clive Coffee website, including brewing tutorials, coffee 101, and a list of coffee definitions to help beginners or anyone else brush up on their knowledge. They have a palpable passion for coffee and design that comes across while talking with them and looking around their website. While I haven’t had the chance to visit their showroom in person, checking out their new space on a future trip to Portland is at the top of my to-do list.

For a limited time, save $10 on your first order from Clive, use code: TAKETEN

Visit Clive Coffee

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Crema Loves You


This video from Crema in Denver is brief but beautiful. Crema loves you and wants to make you a drink, here’s how they do it.

This shop came highly recommended from everyone I spoke to about coffee and it didn’t disappoint. The shop was small, but bright and comfortable. Fresh art on the walls and a bunch of cyclists sitting out front enjoying the weather. While I was there, they were serving Novo (roasted a block away) and Herkimer from Seattle. Their focus was mainly on espresso, but they had French presses available for fresh made coffee. It’s a bit of a walk from downtown, but totally doable and worth it.

While the name is overused, they have one of the coolest coffee websites I’ve seen.

Crema Coffee House

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DCILY Swag Pre-Order: Show your love


Based on requests from interested readers, I’ve decided to design a few products for fans who want to proudly display their love of coffee (and this lovely blog). However, I only want to make merch if the products offered are of good quality and the best way to do that is with a pre-order. This way we only order what we need, without any excess merchandise floating around. You can also take pride in knowing you were an early supporter—owning part of an original limited edition run.

Mug Details: 10oz burgundy porcelain mug with white screened DCILY logo.
Minimum (collective) order: 36
Cost: $15 and includes shipping inside the continental US.
Pre-Order a Mug!

Shirt Details: 100% cotton American-made t-shirt with white screened DCILY logo.
Minimum (collective) order: 25
Cost: $20 and includes shipping inside the continental US.
Pre-Order a Shirt!

I won’t “accept” any of the PayPal payments until we reach the minimum order for the specified item. If we haven’t met the minimum number by June 5th, I’ll refund any money that’s been paid…or I’ll try again at a later date with Kickstarter.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch dearcoffeeiloveyou[at]gmail[dot]com

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