Ka-Pow! Coffee as the new chocolate


I love coffee, but despise coffee flavored candy. It usually tastes nothing like coffee and has little to do with the bean we love. Enter Elizabeth Montes of Sahagún, an artisanal chocolatiere in Portland, OR. She takes single origin coffee beans from local roasters like Stumptown, Heart, Ristretto, and Extracto and treats them like cocoa beans.

Elizabeth combines the coffee with a bit of sugar and cocoa butter for texture, to create a coffee bar that acts like chocolate, but has all the distinct flavor of the single origin coffee used. So each batch of Ka-Pow! bars are as unique as the coffee used to make them.

I’d love to try these, but since it’s the “warm season,” $30 overnight shipping is the only available option for getting a hold of one. Guess I’ll have to wait until Christmas.

Ka-pow! at Sahagún

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posted by on 06.09.2010, under Misc., Products