Chocolate Coffee Stout Cupcakes


When I’m not drinking coffee, I enjoy drinking stout. And when I’m not eating fruits and veggies, who doesn’t love a chocolate cupcake? What happens when you drink too much stout, pass out and dream about all those things combined? You find yourself with a batch of chocolate coffee stout cupcakes (and maybe a fruit salad).

The culinary talent of Ms. Kostyk from The Gentrified South, has made every drunken coffee lovers dream come true. The recipe uses Primavera Coffee, a great local roaster in Birmingham, Alabama—who I reviewed last year—and a Coffee Oatmeal Stout from Good People Brewery. I’m sure you could substitute the coffee with any of your favorite roasters, but why pass up an opportunity to try one of the South’s finest?

While I’m not much of a baker myself, I do have a guest visiting soon who is—so, I may have to drop a couple hints about these (good thing they read this blog).

Check out this recipe and more over at The Gentrified South

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Review – Primavera: Peru Norte



Primavera: Peru Norte
12oz Whole Bean – $10.99
Birmingham, AL

Bean: A spirited, medium size bean with a creamy milk-chocolate hue. These could easily be substituted for semi-sweet chips in all of your holiday cookies. What could be better than a caffeinated peanut butter blossom?

Aroma: Once I brewed these medium roasted niblets, I was wrapped in a scent as soothing as a snuggie, and deliciously warm as a Cinnabon. A vanilla undertone smoothed things out like a bowl of grandmother’s cake batter waiting for me to taste the moment she wasn’t looking. I couldn’t wait to indulge.

Taste: My first sip was met with a light but vibrant cinnamon zest followed by lively hints of vanilla. The next taste enveloped my tongue like a cupcake, sprinkles and all, stuffed in my mouth. A well balanced flavor helps illuminate the quality of the beans and inspires daydreams of tomorrow’s cup.

There’s a low acidic creak in this medium bodied brew, but its no more severe than a sound eeked from beneath the floorboards of your childhood home—endearing and somewhat sentimental. A cup of this could tuck me in after dinner as easily as it lured me from bed this morning.

You can pick up a cup (or bag) of Primavera at my favorite cafe in Birmingham, Urban Standard.

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