Eighthirty™ = coffee time


I just came across this packaging for Eighthirty™ coffee in New Zealand. Their website seems temporary, so I couldn”t find more information about them. I really like these bags because of their striking departure from most coffee packaging and their playful use of language. I admire coffee companies who work to improve the lives of farmers, but from a design and brand perspective, they all tend to blend together in a faux, origin-centric aesthetic. There are a number of acceptations to this rule, of course, but the status-quo remains the former.

“Eighthirty source organic beans from sustainable farms, then combine these with dedication to deliver the perfect coffee every time. Our passion is passed on in every cup to customers who care about great coffee as much as we do. Eighthirty delivers – simply good coffee.”

via Lovely Package

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posted by on 04.06.2010, under Design