The Quiet Sound of A Flyingthud


While everyone was fawning over the New Year return of James Hoffmann (guilty!) another voice quietly reemerged to the internet after nearly 20 months of silence. Like a small gift left unopened behind the Christmas tree, Stephen Morrissey—2008 World Barista Champion, Director of Marketing at Intelligentsia and a founder of Coffee Common—began 2012 with an honest post about his morning coffee routine.

I spend the entire brewing cycle dwelling ( sorry ) about variables. I wonder how much coffee should I use to purge. I wonder did I store the coffee properly, will 2 days off roast have a big impact – should I let the grounds sit a little before brewing or should I brew with hotter water? I wonder should I boil the water in the kettle, and then decant into the buono, or maybe bring all the water to a boil on the hob, I wonder how much water temperature matters anyway – I’m pretty sure Jen fills a cold buono with water 10 seconds off the boil, but her brews are always solid. Shit, what does Jen do agitation wise – why didn’t I watch her stirring technique instead of adding more butter to the scrambled eggs. – Flyingthud

Read the rest for yourself with a subtle Irish brogue: Flyingthud

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Forget the world


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Guilty Pleasure


Dear artificially flavored coffee, I know I shouldn’t drink you, but you taste good. Sincerely, a steadfast fan.

Sad, but sometimes love is unexplainable.

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Forever Yours,


Dear Coffee,

You know how much I love you. Your color, your taste, your mind-enhancing chemicals. It seems as though my day is not complete without you. How did I ever exist before you? Even just smelling your distinguished aromas from another room is enough to make me want you. Badly. Thank you for being so delicious. Although at the beginning of our  relationship I admit you had to share room with both cream and sugar, I knew you’d understand. See how much I’ve come to love you that I now appreciate your naked nuances? Oh, coffee. Please don’t tell your sister, Decaf, but I find her to be so inferior in every way, that I cannot stand to watch others consume her. I love you, coffee, and only you. Until tomorrow morning, my love.

Forever Yours,

As for Decaf, I couldn’t agree more. Taken from Skirt! Raleigh.

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