DCILY Swag Pre-Order: Show your love


Based on requests from interested readers, I’ve decided to design a few products for fans who want to proudly display their love of coffee (and this lovely blog). However, I only want to make merch if the products offered are of good quality and the best way to do that is with a pre-order. This way we only order what we need, without any excess merchandise floating around. You can also take pride in knowing you were an early supporter—owning part of an original limited edition run.

Mug Details: 10oz burgundy porcelain mug with white screened DCILY logo.
Minimum (collective) order: 36
Cost: $15 and includes shipping inside the continental US.
Pre-Order a Mug!

Shirt Details: 100% cotton American-made t-shirt with white screened DCILY logo.
Minimum (collective) order: 25
Cost: $20 and includes shipping inside the continental US.
Pre-Order a Shirt!

I won’t “accept” any of the PayPal payments until we reach the minimum order for the specified item. If we haven’t met the minimum number by June 5th, I’ll refund any money that’s been paid…or I’ll try again at a later date with Kickstarter.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch dearcoffeeiloveyou[at]gmail[dot]com

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Knuckle duster


You can now drink your coffee without losing street cred, thanks to Thabto (two heads are better than one), a design duo from London. Thabto specialize in designing fun and unique gifts, accessories and homewears. This mug was the groups first product and their latest, a keychain that stabilizes “wonkey” cafe tables, solves an age old problem without wasting sugar packets.

visit Thabto

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The Coffee Brake


I really love coffee, but I equally love bikes and good design. So when I saw this mug I fell hard. It stung even more when I found out they aren’t available (yet!), but when they are, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. The Scallywags started out building frankenbikes in a garage up North, but now deliver coffee by bike to homes and businesses around Huntsville, AL. Here’s the scoop on their future offering.

Created by a world traveler who dared to ask the question: “What good is a sturdy metal mug with a flimsy plastic handle?” Whether you’re a hardcore coffee drinker or a dabbler, this 14 oz. double-walled insulated stainless steel mug is what you’re after. Bicycle brake handle fixed in one of two positions. Non-skid bottom and snug-fitting plastic lid.

They’ve got an inspiring story, check it out at www.the-scallywags.com

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I’d love to get ahold of a mug like this, it’s fantastic! Do you drink decaf? Daily Shot of Coffee was asking readers in a recent poll—my answer, definitely not!

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It all began with a mug*


I started this site for one reason, coffee fuels my inspiration. It is the times when I have a mug of coffee in my hand, whether alone in the morning or in a cafe talking with friends, that I have my most inspired ideas. Because of this, I began writing a daily ode to coffee last fall that I planned to self-publish into a fun little book of poetry. After some thought, I realized that many of the people I know have the same adoration for coffee and are inspired to do many things in its presence. So I created a place where I can share that collected work inspired and fueled by coffee—as well as reviews of the fuel I’m running on.

Significant Objects is one of those great projects that began with a coffee mug(*partially). The project, started by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn, has  created an entire library of fictional stories inspired by items found at yard sales and thrift stores. The items are then sold on eBay to see how much value the accompanying stories have added. The sites latest round of objects being sold will support 826 National(another great project).

As I’ve mentioned in a few interviews, a mug was partially responsible for inspiring this entire project. Specifically, the mug above. I bought it years ago on a trip to Baltimore with my now-wife; and in 2005, I broke it. Obviously this mug had no particular marketplace value at the time I accidentally smashed it — yet I was quite stricken. To me it was irreplaceable, precisely because there was a nice story to it. (I’ll spare you.) And that got me thinking. . . (Why did I photograph the mug? I knew that some day I’d cross paths with Joshua Glenn and we’d create Significant Objects! But I threw the actual object away. C’mon, it was just a busted mug.)

Read stories over at Significant Objects and support 826 National by bidding on an object!

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Mug Shot — Black President


While this isn’t an official Mug Shot, since I don’t own one(yet) and no one submitted this, it is one of the greatest mugs I’ve seen. Just brilliant.

A bit pricey, but the guys cleverness is worth something. For sale at Etsy.

Send us a photo of your favorite mug and look for it in a future mug shot. dearcoffeeiloveyou@gmail.com

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Mug Shot — Mat Weeks



As a potter, I have an ever rotating gaggle of mugs to choose from, but this one is one of my recent favorites. Joyce Fujiwara has been one of my ceramics teachers on and off for a year now and she finally had an open studio where I could buy one of her beautiful pieces. This is now my go-to mug at home and helps make weekend mornings start a little easier. –Mat

Send us a photo of your favorite mug and look for it in a future mug shot. dearcoffeeiloveyou@gmail.com

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Keep your cup



I recently discovered the Keep Cup and found it’s unique departure from other reusable mugs refreshing. It was designed by a pair of cafe owners who realized the waste produced by disposable cups. While I don’t find the design outstanding(it looks bloated), it is fun. The cups come in standard sizes to be easily adopted and used by any cafe. The company also introduced customization into the ordering process, allowing you to choose various colors for each part and create your own personalized Keep Cup. While I don’t endorse plastic, the company discusses their considerations thoroughly in their website’s faq.

Design your own Keep Cup.

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