Awakening To A New Coffee Mural Record


Last December, Albanian artist Saimir Strati set a world record with his mosaic made from 308 lbs of coffee beans. But last week, Russian artist Arkady Kim set a new record with his mural, “Awakening” using 397 lbs of coffee.

Kim’s mural, which spans 30 square meters in Moscow’s Gorky Central Park, took 12 days to piece together with the help of 5 assistants. Over one million beans were used to create the dramatic portrait of a woman’s face indulging in coffee’s powerful aroma.

While I’m not terribly interested in the image itself, the patience and vision required to turn various shades of roasted coffee beans into a mural this large is impressive. The mural was on display until yesterday, before the work of art was donated to a Russian freeze-dried coffee company. Hopefully they won’t be turning it into their product.

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World Record Coffee Mosaic


Continuing the DCILY series of world record coffee feats, the latest addition is a mosaic made with 1 million coffee beans (309 lbs) by Albanian artist Saimir Strati. The mosaic, titled “One World, One Family, One Coffee” was completed last week in Tirana, Albania. The image depicts five characters from different continents—an African drummer, Brazilian dancer, European accordion player, Japanese drummer and a country singer from the US. Strati wanted his image to convey how coffee brings us together:

I wanted to give the message that sharing love over a cup of coffee brings us closer, a cup of coffee brings us more love than a G20 meeting.

It took Strati 31 days to complete this epic coffee image, measuring 25 square meters. This is Strati’s 6th Guinness World Record mosaic—past projects have used screws, paint brushes, corks, toothpicks and nails. Enjoy!

[Photos by Arben Celi / Reuters]

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