Video: Big Central Highlights of MadCap


If you haven’t been following the in-depth coverage of the US Barista Champion circuit over on Sprudge—you should be. But if you’re new to this whole thing, take a look at Hybrid Media’s coverage of the Big Central regional (focusing on MadCap baristas).

This is the best video I’ve seen of a barista competition so far. It does a great job capturing the highlights with a nice energetic flair—and is there anything better than a high definition smile from Ryan Knapp (back-to-back North Central Champion)?

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MadCap’s Method: Espresso



I don’t brew espresso at home, and I’m not in the market to begin doing so anytime soon. However, once the ZP Machines start shipping, there will probably be a lot of people making espresso for their first time—or in need of a refresher course.

For anyone looking to improve their espresso technique, the guys at MadCap Coffee and Hybrid Media Co. have teamed up again to produce a follow up to their popular V60 tutorial. So grab your favorite tamper and take some notes from Sensei Knapp.

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MadCap’s Method: The Hario V60


Hario V60 from Hybrid Media Co. on Vimeo.

I’m a big fan of all the previous MadCap videos released in partnership with Hybrid Media Co. But until now, most of them have just been really pretty coffee footage. This time MadCap adds their own addition to the growing library of roaster produced brew method videos—starring the ever handsome 2011 NCRBC winner Ryan Knapp.

Like their other videos, it’s really well made with a great soundtrack. Be sure to stick around for the outtakes at the end—they’ll blow your head off.

Past MadCap videos:
Latte Art
Green Bean

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Discussing MadCap’s DC Move


A few weeks ago, I shared the announcement that MadCap Coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was planning to open a new shop and roastery. Their announcement was attached to a video hinting at possible new locations around the world. On October 1, MadCap revealed more details, announcing their expansion to Washington DC. A move that should be cheered among coffee lovers in the area.

Yesterday morning I sat down with Trevor Corlett, the owner of MadCap, for coffee in his new home town to discuss the move. We talked about the DC coffee culture, the terrible traffic, and some of the neighborhoods he had his eye on in the heart of DC. Wherever the new MadCap ends up, Trevor says the shop will be unique.

Until the perfect space is found and transformed into MadCap’s new roastery and coffee shop, you can already get a MadCap fix in the DC area. Trevor has been spending a lot of time recently at Buzz Bakery in Arlington, where he hopes they’ll soon be known for their coffee as much as for their award-winning pastries.

As someone originally from the area, who visits fairly often, I’m excited to have MadCap add to the growing progressive coffee movement in the city. Welcome home Trevor and good luck with MadCap DC.

MadCap Coffee

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MadCap’s Epic Expansion


MadCap Coffee recently tweeted about an “announcement of epic proportions” along with the release of this video. With hints ranging from neighboring Detroit to far off Sao Paulo, your guess is as good as mine. More details will be announced on October 1, but until then let the finger-crossed speculation begin.

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MadCrazy MadCap Latte Art


From the same people who created “Green Bean,” a beautiful video I posted back in April, comes another equally as stunning video featuring the team at MadCap Coffee. Showing off their latte art skills and their custom MadCap tampers, combined with the talented video work of Hybrid Media Co. make this some of the best coffee porn online.

Just like last time, turn up the speakers, watch it fullscreen and enjoy.

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From Green to Great


This beautiful film produced by Hybrid Media Company was shot for MadCap Coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It showcases the process from green bean to cup. Keep an eye out for a cameo of Ryan Knapp’s sexy beard and a Coffee Common tamper.

I’d suggest turning the volume up and watching it full screen. Enjoy!

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