Discussing MadCap’s DC Move


A few weeks ago, I shared the announcement that MadCap Coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was planning to open a new shop and roastery. Their announcement was attached to a video hinting at possible new locations around the world. On October 1, MadCap revealed more details, announcing their expansion to Washington DC. A move that should be cheered among coffee lovers in the area.

Yesterday morning I sat down with Trevor Corlett, the owner of MadCap, for coffee in his new home town to discuss the move. We talked about the DC coffee culture, the terrible traffic, and some of the neighborhoods he had his eye on in the heart of DC. Wherever the new MadCap ends up, Trevor says the shop will be unique.

Until the perfect space is found and transformed into MadCap’s new roastery and coffee shop, you can already get a MadCap fix in the DC area. Trevor has been spending a lot of time recently at Buzz Bakery in Arlington, where he hopes they’ll soon be known for their coffee as much as for their award-winning pastries.

As someone originally from the area, who visits fairly often, I’m excited to have MadCap add to the growing progressive coffee movement in the city. Welcome home Trevor and good luck with MadCap DC.

MadCap Coffee

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Frank Chimero and the elixir of Life


Frank Chimero is a brilliantly clever illustrator and designer soon relocating to Portland, Oregon. Frank and I first met in the land of Intelligentsia (Chicago, IL), but we were usually out drinking beer together, not coffee. The first time we had coffee was a couple cups of Blue Bottle outside the Ferry Building in San Francisco. During which our conversations teetered between our love of coffee and world domination (you can’t have one without the other).

Is coffee a routine part of your workflow? If so, how important is it to your creative process? Yep! Most mornings start out the same. Wake up, get ready, do a cursory glance at my inbox, then head over to my local coffee haunt (the Mudhouse) to get some piping hot, locally roasted drip coffee. If I’m teaching that day, I walk the extra block to my classroom. If not, I usually plant there for a bit to take care of the morning niceties and communication obligations.

How many cups do you have a day? Typically two. Any more than that, and I think I can feel my heartbeat sync with the twitch in my left eye. Sometimes I have more than two cups. COFFEE!

Who makes your favorite roast and how do you drink it? I’m going to go plain jane here: Stumptown House Blend in a french press. Then it goes in a mug. And then in my belly. I take pleasure in the simple things. It’s not exotic, but I dare you to say it’s not good.

Any chance you will actually design a set of coffee mugs in the near future? I would love to! Who wants to get going on this with me?

Burning the midnight oil usually requires fuel. Check out more of Franks’s work at www.frankchimero.com

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Obsessive Coffee Consumption



Kate Bingaman-Burt is a professor at Portland State University and she draws the things that she buys. She also drinks a lot of coffee, so she’s drawn a lot of it in various forms. I talked with her to find out more about her coffee buying habits and her work.

How much do you spend on coffee each month? Too much. I live above a coffee shop (www.cremabakery.com) and we have a very active french press in our apartment. I also frequent Contrary Coffee which is right down the street from my office for my morning Americanos. So, again. I am kind of afraid to add it all up.

How many cups do you have a day? Days when I teach: 2 small cups at home and then a large Americano before class starts. I usually grab another americano in the afternoon before my afternoon class.

Who makes your favorite roast? Stumptown!

How important is coffee to your creative process? Pretty important. Recently I have stopped drinking it at night and have been using yerbe matte tea as a substitute. Also, I try to drink more Americanos over regular coffee because it goes down a bit easier. But I am most certainly addicted.

So many of us have the same addiction Kate! Thanks for sharing some of the intimate details of your coffee love with us. Check out more of Kate’s work at Obsessive Consumption or on her Flickr.

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