Pop Chart’s Compendious Coffee Diagram


The chart masters over at Pop Chart Lab have just released an impressively comprehensive flow chart that diagrams the various elements required for all manner of coffee drinks. Including various types of grinders, brew methods, mixers, and the resulting beverages they create. The listed brew methods even include such new and notable options such as the Steampunk and Able Kone.

Overall, it’s one of the most accurate—and impressive—coffee illustations I’ve seen on the web. While obviously well researched, I noticed two glaring mistakes: the categorization of the AeroPress as an espresso maker and (most odd), connecting the “cupping” brew method to iced coffee. It may be too late for corrections, but either way, Pop Chart Lab will be printing 500 of them large scale, for wall hanging glory.

Zoom in and explore the full scale version at Pop Chart Lab

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SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report


I recently worked with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to design their latest report illustrating sales trends among coffeehouses. This tool is developed by SCAA to give helpful insight into industry trends among specialty coffee retailers.

If you’re a coffeehouse retailer, the SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report a useful benchmarking tool available to assess the state of the retail environment and industry. Developed in conjunction with the Cleveland Research Company and a participating group of specialty coffee retailers, this report observes sales and cost trends including an examination of the competitive landscape, a 12 month outlook and category and segment trends. The report also provides an insider’s view of consumer preferences broken down by category as well as big picture trends compared to other foodservice segments. There is truly no better means of understanding your business within the larger industry than through the SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report. -SCAA

The SCAA is currently looking for more coffee retailers to participate in future reports. If you’re interested, visit the SCAA for more information.

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DunneFrankowski Transparently Track Sales


Last week, I wrote about the grand opening of the DunneFrankowski pop-up coffee bar in London. In an effort to foster conversation around the culture of coffee shops and the habits of customers, they are charting and sharing all of their coffee sales as they happen. This transparent tally will keep track of a daily and continuing sum of all the drinks ordered by customers during their time at Protein.

It will be interesting to see if certain beverages (like filter coffee) become more popular as customers begin to learn more about the coffees being served and have the opportunity to try new things. This is a cool experiment I look forward to following.

Explore the ongoing results at cafe.prote.in

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Caffeine Vs. Calories Infographic


Click the image to view fullsize

Really cool infographic, designed by David McCandless. The matrix helps compare a variety of drinks based on their calorie and caffeine content. The drinks closer to the top have more calories, while the drinks further to the right contain more caffeine. An iced coffee seems to be the most jolt with the least guilt for those who are counting calories.

[via Information is Beautiful]

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15 things to know about caffeine


Nice infographic about caffeine designed by the talented Ricky Linn. Click the image for a larger view.

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How coffee is made*


Taylor Pemberton designed this fantastic infographic illustrating coffee’s journey from port to purchase. According to his website, this is just part of the complete project, so I’m not sure what else he has in store. Hopefully there’s a preface to this in the works that will show the first half of the process.

Coffee couldn’t be “made” at all unless it were grown, picked, washed, dried, sorted and packed by the farmers at origin. If he’s done his research, I doubt he will ignore the most important part of coffee production process.

Overall great work, I look forward to seeing the rest of the project.

(click the image for a larger view)

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The (Im)perfect Pour


Nice chart of various coffee drinks (click image to view it larger). Love the design, but there are a few inaccuracies. It could be just language or different interpretations, but a Latte is most definitely espresso and steamed milk. And if you’re making iced coffee by pouring regular ol’ drip over ice, you’re not going to have the best iced coffee experience. Cool design, it just needs a little editing.

Designed by Plaid Creative
via Jamie at Coffee Adventures

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Coffee Economy Perks Up


Nice infographic about the economy of coffee over the past year. Seems that most signs are pointing up for the industry. Click the image to see a larger version.

via Mint

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Temperature acceptability index


(via FueledbyCoffee)

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Informative graphic about the caffeine/calorie ratio of various coffee drinks. Frappuccino’s are such a waste.

Found on a coffee filled tumblr called Javalosophy.

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