Dali and Picasso inspired coffee


I love this work was done by Christiano Siqueira, an illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. They were commisioned by Café do Ponto to represent various artistic movements in the 20th Century. Above surrealism, below cubism.

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Hustle Juice


On Friday, at noon Pacific time, a group of creatives (including designers, writers, editors, etc.) began their effort to gather, edit, design, publish, and print a magazine in just 48 hours. They are streaming the process live over Ustream and anyone from around the world can submit to the first issue’s theme, “Hustle,” by 4pm Pacific time today.

When I tuned in last night the team was understandably drinking beer, but I’m sure at some point in the process they will need lots of coffee. I sat down last night with a pot and worked on a submission they may find helpful. Enjoy.

48 Hour Magazine

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Coffee dream


Zim & Zou are the design duo of Thibault Zimmermann and Lucie Thomas. They live in France and make beautiful images crafted from colored paper. I’ve been drinking a lot of late night coffee recently, so this hits close to home.

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Temperature acceptability index


(via FueledbyCoffee)

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Frank Chimero and the elixir of Life


Frank Chimero is a brilliantly clever illustrator and designer soon relocating to Portland, Oregon. Frank and I first met in the land of Intelligentsia (Chicago, IL), but we were usually out drinking beer together, not coffee. The first time we had coffee was a couple cups of Blue Bottle outside the Ferry Building in San Francisco. During which our conversations teetered between our love of coffee and world domination (you can’t have one without the other).

Is coffee a routine part of your workflow? If so, how important is it to your creative process? Yep! Most mornings start out the same. Wake up, get ready, do a cursory glance at my inbox, then head over to my local coffee haunt (the Mudhouse) to get some piping hot, locally roasted drip coffee. If I’m teaching that day, I walk the extra block to my classroom. If not, I usually plant there for a bit to take care of the morning niceties and communication obligations.

How many cups do you have a day? Typically two. Any more than that, and I think I can feel my heartbeat sync with the twitch in my left eye. Sometimes I have more than two cups. COFFEE!

Who makes your favorite roast and how do you drink it? I’m going to go plain jane here: Stumptown House Blend in a french press. Then it goes in a mug. And then in my belly. I take pleasure in the simple things. It’s not exotic, but I dare you to say it’s not good.

Any chance you will actually design a set of coffee mugs in the near future? I would love to! Who wants to get going on this with me?

Burning the midnight oil usually requires fuel. Check out more of Franks’s work at www.frankchimero.com

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Great illustration by designer/illustrator Travis Barteaux

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Soul Coffee


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15(ish) things worth knowing…


I love this illustration. Lots of fun facts that every coffee lover should know. Go see the other 11(ish) things over at the Oatmeal!

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Coffee Illustrated



This diagram was created by Lokesh Dhakar, who was “new to the world of fancy coffee drinks” and wanted to wrap his head around all the nuances between drinks. I would suggest a few changes, including more foam in the cappuccino and placing the chocolate on the bottom of the mocha, but overall it’s really helps illustrate things for beginners. This would make a great menu board in a cafe!

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Up & Atom with The Office of PlayLab, Inc.



I’ll be sharing studio space with The Office of PlayLab, Inc. over the next couple of weeks, while they’re visiting from Brooklyn. The two partners, Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Scott Franklin I start each morning with some coffee and a stack of napkins to hash out ideas. Here are a few that have developed recently during our morning conversations. Enjoy!

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