Coffee Snobs on FunnyOrDie


A new video on FunnyOrDie takes a shot at what they call “pretentious assholes that work at high end coffee shops and they make you feel stupid if you’re not as obsessed with a stupid drink as they are.”

The impact of a negative experience always seems to reverberate more with people than good ones, and in turn they become exaggerated and amplified. Though I don’t think this is representative of “third wave” specialty coffee as a whole, I’m not gonna lie and say I haven’t seen some of this—at some level anyway—in real life.

The truth can hurt, satire makes it funny, and some people really aren’t cut out for the service industry. It sucks that the video perpetuates a stereotype that could reflect poorly on quality-focused coffee shops, but then again, it’s just a joke. Enjoy.

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The Origin of Decaf


I’ve always compared drinking decaf to drinking “dirt water.” So I was happy to find this scientific illustration that fully supports my hypothesis.

[via Fake Science]

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The Coffee Wars


Entertaining video about the “coffee wars” of San Francisco, beginning with Ritual and Blue Bottle coffee. Filmed in the style of Ken Burn’s Civil War, but easier to make it all the way through. Enjoy!

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The craft


Brilliantly entertaining short, featuring Tim Varney and Tim Wendelboe (whose shop I visited while in Oslo). The film looks at Tim Varney’s journey to become World Barista Champion. Beautifully filmed & edited by Brendan Inkognito.

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Because it’s Robocop…and it’s a cup! Love this.

Robocup on Threadless

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When BP spills a cup of coffee


“Don’t worry about it, it’s a small spill on a very large table…”

via GOOD

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Coffee Comics


Jameson Shroyer draws comics about coffee. They make me smile.

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Save the cups!


Save the Cups is a new campaign targeting the wasteful use of disposable cups. Any effort targeting this problem gets my attention and this one uses the power of social media, driven by the narcissism of self-congratulation, to create some good spirited competition. Once you log in, you can give yourself a pat on the back each time you reuse a cup rather than a disposable one, adding to the overall count of cups saved this year.

I haven’t figured out how to add my own cafes and the design, while nice, leans a little too far on the cute side. But I’m curious to see how the team at Save the Cups will grow and reach out to its community of users. Will there be awards for each month’s highest saver? The current design is based on the honor system, so it may be hard to regulate how many cups a person really saves, but it would be a nice incentive if they can figure out the technicalities.

This, like BetaCup, is another attempt to get people to voluntarily change their behavior without any incentive to break the habit of convenience. While noble in its attempt, I still blame cafes for not trying hard enough to persuade their customers to forgo disposable cups. It would be much more admirable if the cafe’s self-regulated rather than waiting for the day that the government enevitably does it for them (à la plastic shopping bags). By either charging more for a paper cup, giving more than a measly 10 cent discount for bringing your own, or saying, “if you want your coffee to-go, bring your own mug.”

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What I’d rather be doing


Every time I have a meeting with a bad client I wish I were still a barista. Life was much less stressful back then.

(Designed by: Adam Brackney aka Workerman)

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Soul Coffee


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