Video: From the Source with Olympia Coffee


This fantastic mini-documentary from Olympia Coffee and Vortex Productions captures beautiful imagery from three countries of origin, including Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala while discussing topics that range from coffee sourcing, transparency, and the importance of building relationships with producers.

The 8-minute long film should compliment your next coffee break perfectly.

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Yoshi’s Blend Brings Hope to Japan



This incredible mini-documentary tells the heartwarming story of Professor Yoshi Masuda and his effort to bring coffee and community to the tsunami and earthquake stricken areas of east Japan. Yoshi wanted to help his country by offering what he knows and loves—coffee. He felt the best way he could help was to bring a sense of normalcy to those recovering from the devastation with the fragrance and aroma of coffee.

Armed with a Chemex, hand grinder, portable stove and his record player, Yoshi set out in a bright orange VW bus to open “Hope Café” wherever he found people in need of a spiritual and physical boost. Along the way, Yoshi also donates coffee starter kits to help establish community coffee shops after he’s left. Inspiring and humbling. Take eight minutes and watch this—you won’t regret it.

When you consider that human sound is also a wave and it could have impact as strong as tsunami that change a life of people. As you say something and that really changes people—the way how they live, the way how they regard their life as it is. Our human voice is, I would say, stronger than tsunami. –Yoshi Masuda

Directed, filmed and edited by Mackenzie Sheppard

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The Coffee Addiction: A Documentary


Tomorrow is “National Coffee Day” in the US and CNBC is premiering a one-hour documentary called, The Coffee Addiction. I won’t be able to see it, but it should be interesting to watch. The previews suggest it will follow coffee from farm to cup, which is great for people to learn about, with a heavy focus on coffee as a tradable commodity.

There will be interviews with Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultz (plugging his book) and the founder of Green Mountain Coffee, who shares the moment he realized great coffee would be an upcoming market (before cutting to footage of a k-cup factory).

The producers of the show did research the more progressive quality-driven segment of coffee, including a lesson in latte art from David Schomer at Vivace and chatting with M’lissa Owens at Intelligentsia. However, that footage was relegated to “web extra” clips.

Premiers at 9PM/ET. More info on CNBC.

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