Velopresso: A Bike Powered Espresso Bar


Taking their love for cycling, sustainability and espresso to a new level, Amos Reid and Lasse Oiva, two product design students from the Royal College of Art in London have built a belt driven, mobile espresso bar dubbed “Velopresso.”

The three wheeled bike uses a carbon belt drive system (grease free) to not only power the bike, but also a custom made grinder that shares a slight resemblance to the HG-1 hand grinder. With the change of a gear, five seconds of pedaling will grind enough coffee for a double shot—three if you’re doping.

Currently the Velopresso uses a camp stove to heat water and steam to power its leva espresso machine, but the designers have been experimenting with various ways of creating their own fuel from spent coffee grounds. The goal of making it even less dependent on carbon fuels—aside from the belts used everywhere else—would add to its sustainable caché. The project was recently bestowed the 2012 Deutsche Bank Award in Design and the creators are currently looking for ways to produce them commercially.

“Velopresso was conceived against the backdrop of a global renaissance in cycling culture that is being driven by the desire for more sustainable cities and lifestyles,” says co-creator Amos Field Reid, pictured below kneeling behind the machine. “The urban coffee scene is also expanding and diversifying, including a convergence with cycling culture. Velopresso engages directly with these cutting-edge urban cultures.” -Carbon Drive

Velopresso isn’t the first coffee bike that’s been featured on DCILY (Trailhead, Kickstand Coffee), but this is the first that takes advantage of the bicycles efficiency for powering heavy-duty equipment. This would be an appreciated addition to bike paths everywhere.


Photos: Ivan Coleman

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Intelligentsia is Back in the Saddle


A month ago, Intelligentsia dipped its toe in the world of bikes with their BMX inspired Quintin snapback (now sold out) and have recently teamed up with Kyle from Trackosaurus Rex to create this rad three-panel cycling cap. Designed by Sean Talkington and Eric Vasquez of Team Dream, the Golden Saddle lid represents two great brands at once. Ride over to the nearest Intelli shop to get one before they’re gone.

Love that star placement.


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Rapha Cycle Club


I’ve probably mentioned before that besides coffee and design, I also love bikes. Almost everyone I know who rides is also an avid coffee drinker. So, the lifestyles seem to go hand-in-hand. On July 3rd, the Tour de France began, which is like the World Cup for people who enjoy cycling instead of soccer (there may be those who like both). If you don’t own a television or have cable, it may be hard to find a place to watch it, but if you happen to be in London or NYC there are a couple new options—good coffee included.

Rapha, a great company who make high-quality cycling gear, recently opened two pop-up bike cafes, called Rapha Cycle Club, that combine a love of coffee and bikes that provide a place to watch the Tour this summer. You can ride in, relax, and watch the race on a couple flat screens all while enjoying a fresh cup. The London store brews Nude Espresso and NYC is serving Third Rail.

Wish I was still in NYC to check this out. I’d recommend that anyone who is into bikes and coffee, should stop by!

Photos from on Flickr
Rapha Cycle Club

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