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A few weeks ago a new coffee shop opened in downtown Vancouver that’s moved the Canadian west coast even higher on my list of “places to visit soon.” Revolver is run by the Giannakos brothers, whose family also owns Café Crema, in west Vancouver. The new venture takes a refined approach to offering great coffee with little excess.

Aside from wanting to see the space itself, designed by Craig Stanghetta, the coffee line-up at Revolver is pretty stellar too. They’re serving coffee from Ritual, Coava and Phil & Sebastian on a brew bar lined with Chemex Kones, as well as offering tasting flights. One option includes three different coffees brewed the same way, or you can try the same coffee brewed with three different methods. The tasting flights seem like a great way to allow curious customers to explore and coffee lovers to indulge.

It’s exciting to see more coffee bars taking such a comprehensive approach to quality coffee. If you’re in Vancouver and haven’t been yet, you probably should.

Revolver Coffee

Photos by Kam Lau



Also, some amazing detail photos by George Giannakos himself on CleanHotDry.

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Peace Coffee’s Resourceful New Shop


This summer I spent two weeks in Minneapolis and fell in love with it. They have the bike culture of Portland, coupled with a Norwegian resistance to cold, wrapped up in the beauty of 10,000 lakes. I never thought I’d want to live in the Midwest (again), but Mpls really made an impression on me. However, the coffee culture left me wanting something more—good news is Peace Coffee, one of the most prominent roasters in town, is working hard to fill this coffee void I experienced on my visit.

After roasting Fair Trade organic beans since 1996, Peace Coffee opened their first coffee shop last November in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. The new shop carries all the principles I would expect from a company who delivers their coffee around town with bikes and biodiesel trucks.

Reclaimed wood was used to build benches along the exposed brick walls, while an old fire door hangs transformed above the bar as a unique menu board, and Craigslist finds help furnish the rest of the space. The companies quirky personality is reflected in the brightly colored mosaic (made with recycled glass) and with the support of a local artist, who’s little clay monsters are hidden in crevices throughout the walls.

The shop offers espresso, pour-over (one of only a few I know in the city), as well as pre-brewed for those in a hurry. But if you’re smart, you’ll stick around for the homemade pepparkakor (swedish gingerbread cookie) served with each drink. I was already planning another trip to Mpls but this gives me one more reason to go back.

Peace Coffee Shop & Peace Coffee

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