Clear Cup


The Clear Cup is just that, a clear to-go cup for your coffee. A very beautiful to-go cup for your coffee. It is making its debut this weekend at the New York International Gift Fair, so I haven’t been able to get my hands on one, but it makes my ceramic “paper cup” look like a PC next to a Mac. A really heavy one at that. While I try to avoid plastic containers in regard to my food, especially hot beverages, this is made with Eastman’s Tritan BPA-free co-polymer. I haven’t used anything made from the material, but it’s the same stuff that Nalgene began using for their water bottles once BPA awareness went mainstream. I’d definitely be willing to try it out and see how my coffee tastes from it.

This was designed and developed by Vizun, the same company who created the Mug Hug, which we gave away in our first (and so far only) contest. The cup was actually designed to use a Mug Hug as its lid, a clever and efficient decision by the company that places multiple products into the hands of customers at the same time.

If you already have a mug you love and just need a lid for it, the Mug Hug is also being offered in two sizes now, in case you have a smaller, less standard size mug.

If you’re in NYC go check out the fair, or go to Vizun for more info.

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posted by on 08.12.2010, under Design, Products