Intelligentsia Freshens Up The Interwebs


Intelligentsia, hometown heroes from Chicago and specialty coffee trailblazers in LA, have launched a new website just in time to show off their new winter wares. It’s been in the making for some time now, but it seems to have been well worth the wait.

The new look is clean and confident with a refined freshness that I’ve come to expect from Intelligentsia. With the content  of the site organized into just three main sections—shop, learn and wholesale—the visible navigation (which hides itself upon scrolling) has been reduced, allowing more room for all the vibrant photography.

With a design so graphic in nature, the new site also translates really well on a tablet. Navigating with an iPad feels much like having your own Intelligentsia Flipboard.

Once you make your way into the coffee section, each offering is represented by photos of origin with three large flavor notes imposed over top of them—making the taste of the coffee the most prominent and distinguishing element. This detail is a departure from the standard “organization by origin” most people have come to expect from progressive roasters and puts the focus on how different and unique coffees can taste.

Each coffee has its own page with neatly organized specs on the coffee, origin, and flavor notes. There is also an integrated Google map highlighting the source, which adds a bit of life and interactivity to a normally static illustration.

The biggest new feature launched along with the website is a home subscription service, allowing you to customize reoccurring deliveries or your favorite Intelligentsia coffees.

What better way to prevent running out of coffee, then having Intelligentsia just show up in your mail? After 6-months of loyalty, you’ll be rewarded with limited edition swag that lets others know why you’re so excited to see the postman.

The photos are bright, the typography is tight and the white-space is well respected. I’ve said more than enough. Go check it out and maybe treat yourself to something nice.

Intelligentsia Coffee

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Intelli Filter Mug


While I’m kicking off the week at Coffee Common here in Long Beach, I’m ending one that included a lot of tight printer deadlines and chats with Stephen Morrissey at Intelligentsia in preparation. During one of those conversations, I was reminded of this signature mug that Intelligentsia designed and recently released in their stores.

When it comes to mugs, I like a solid one that will retain heat, but I also appreciate a delicate form that doesn’t look clumsy. I have a few classic diner mugs which are heavy enough to double as a lethal weapon, but they lack the elegance I sometimes prefer. This mug seems to solve both problems with thick walled porcelain and a profile that could easily become a modern icon. I haven’t personally used one yet, but for only $12, I see a pair of these beautiful mugs in my future.

Intelligentsia Filter Coffee Mug

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Mugshot Monday


Meet Lisa Frame. She loves coffee and people. So she created a place to consolidate the two passions and meet other hard working people who love coffee. Mugshot Monday’s concept is simple, it introduces readers to a new, creative and entrepreneurial coffee lover each week. What began as a simple idea has become a liaison for job searches, networking, and apparently dating. I took the opportunity to flip the spotlight on Lisa and ask her a few questions about her love of coffee.

On Mugshot Monday, you post photos of lots of people with their favorite mug, now you’re in the spotlight. Tell us about your favorite mug? My FBI mug, for sure! I feel like a total badass drinking out of it.

What are you up to when you aren’t meeting other coffee drinkers online? Offline, I’m pounding the pavement in Chicago, my home turf. You can generally find me in the Wicker Park eating Mexican at Big Star, shopping til I drop at Penelope’s or reading a how-to/DIY book in the park. Online, I’m tweeting, blogging, editing videos and managing the Abe’s Market seller community.

You’re based in Chicago (mostly) which is where my love for coffee began, so I know there are some great cafes. Do you have a favorite place to get your coffee? And what’s your drink of choice? Chicago has so many great coffee spots, where to start? The Swedish coffee at Ann Sather is one of the most comforting drinks I’ve ever tasted. Dollop Coffee Co has the best soy cappuccino & vibe in the city. And, for the best diner cup of coffee I recommend sitting at the counter, on a rainy afternoon at The Hollywood Grill. (the people watching is fantastic too!)

What’s the best opportunity or experience you’ve had where coffee played a leading role? Coffee has introduced me to so many amazing people. I’ve met writers, producers, musicians, stylists, marketing geniuses. I’ve met them all and each conversation was simply started with the same passion in mind, coffee.

Thanks Lisa for sharing some of your Chi-town coffee secrets with us, and creating a place to laud all of the talented and hard-working coffee lovers out there.

Check out Mugshot Monday and Abe’s Market

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