A Video About Caffeine (Not Coffee)


I’ve been sent this video by roughly 20 people and it’s been making rounds on the internet so hard that even Gizmodo has posted it. The video is interesting, and though not necessarily incorrect, I find it really annoying. Describing it as “everything you need to know about coffee in less than five minutes,” while only spending 8 seconds on the actual process from crop to cup, overlooks all of the work it actually takes to produce coffee. The rest of the video is little more than a 4-minute ramble about the effects of caffeine. There’s far more to coffee than caffeine. If that’s the only reason you drink it, you’re missing out on so much more. Just sayin.

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Caffeine Vs. Calories Infographic


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Really cool infographic, designed by David McCandless. The matrix helps compare a variety of drinks based on their calorie and caffeine content. The drinks closer to the top have more calories, while the drinks further to the right contain more caffeine. An iced coffee seems to be the most jolt with the least guilt for those who are counting calories.

[via Information is Beautiful]

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15 things to know about caffeine


Nice infographic about caffeine designed by the talented Ricky Linn. Click the image for a larger view.

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The drug we love


People who love coffee consider it more than just a drink. It’s part ritual, part pick-me-up, part habit.

“It sort of gives me a lift,” says long-long-longtime coffee drinker Rich Warwinsky. “And if I manage it well and drink it two or three times a day, half and half, I’m not too crazed.”

With this description, it sounds as if Warwinsky is referring to a drug habit. And in fact, he is.

Coffee: A little really does go a long way.” on NPR

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Informative graphic about the caffeine/calorie ratio of various coffee drinks. Frappuccino’s are such a waste.

Found on a coffee filled tumblr called Javalosophy.

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