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Float is a student project of Brazillian designer, Eric Pautz. It’s a fun take on the traditional pump pot used to store coffee. The problem with average pump pots, is that after pouring a couple cups, empty space forms above the coffee allowing heat to disperse. Eric’s design solves this problem by placing a silicone disc around the straw that floats on top of the coffee, preventing space from forming between the coffee as it decreases in the pot. Simple, beautiful, and super cute redesign of a traditionally boring coffee accessory.

more work by Eric Pautz

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Review – Great Lakes Coffee: Brazil


Great Lakes Coffee: Fair Trade Organic Brazil
Whole Bean – $12.98/lb
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Bean: These tiny beans give off a powerful scent as strong as the summer air. Cherries, butterflies, and swing sets in the park fill my head as soon as I opened the bag. A consistent but alternating hue to the beans creates a nice colorful depth, but leaves me with questions of this single origin roast quality.

Aroma: I close my eyes and find myself strolling through urban gardens of Rio de Janeiro. A bright explosion of floral consumes my senses, drawing my attention from the littered streets and the shaking tangas of Mardi Gras, to a place full of exotic flowers I’ve never known. A smoothness without any distinguishable peaks vying for attention dance from my cup. The arrangement works in harmony to produce a beautiful and enjoyable experience, much as a well designed bouquet would be seen as a whole and not a sum of its parts.

Taste: A medium to darker body—like those sun-kissed by the excess exposure Brazilian swim suits provide—carries itself in a surprisingly mellow fashion across the tongue. There’s a slight acidic sting that hits the back of your throat like the chill of a cold winter day, but this adds excitement to a mild mannered entrance. After the spark of this celebration ignites, it rolls into an incredibly rich and full bodied finish that leaves you feeling like you’ve just found the baby in the King Cake.

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