King of Tamps


If you’re a cyclist, you most likely know the name Chris King. He makes the Rolls Royce of headsets (the component that helps connect and rotate the front fork & handlebars). They are one of the most expensive headsets on the market, but they last a lifetime and their smooth performance is top notch. The design of Chris King components continue to lead the competition and their brightly anodized metal always stand out.

Now, the beauty of Chris King bike parts are available for the most indulgent, bike loving baristas everywhere. Designed in collaboration with the American Barista & Coffee School in Portland, OR—the $75 tamper is definitely pricey, but damn sexy.

Chris King Tampers

[photo via fixedgear on Flickr]

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Rapha Cycle Club


I’ve probably mentioned before that besides coffee and design, I also love bikes. Almost everyone I know who rides is also an avid coffee drinker. So, the lifestyles seem to go hand-in-hand. On July 3rd, the Tour de France began, which is like the World Cup for people who enjoy cycling instead of soccer (there may be those who like both). If you don’t own a television or have cable, it may be hard to find a place to watch it, but if you happen to be in London or NYC there are a couple new options—good coffee included.

Rapha, a great company who make high-quality cycling gear, recently opened two pop-up bike cafes, called Rapha Cycle Club, that combine a love of coffee and bikes that provide a place to watch the Tour this summer. You can ride in, relax, and watch the race on a couple flat screens all while enjoying a fresh cup. The London store brews Nude Espresso and NYC is serving Third Rail.

Wish I was still in NYC to check this out. I’d recommend that anyone who is into bikes and coffee, should stop by!

Photos from on Flickr
Rapha Cycle Club

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Kickstand Coffee in Action


I stopped by McCarren park this weekend to meet the guys behind Kickstand Coffee, Brooklyn’s newest—and only—bike powered, mobile coffee bar. The founders Peter Castelein, Neal Olson and Aaron Davis—who have all worked with Gimme! Coffee—just finished their third weekend in business, but have already created quite the buzz.

Their open air coffee theatrics have been providing delicious Chemex brewed coffee, from local roasters, to the sun soaking folks in McCarren Park and local craft fairs. However, once Kickstand get’s cleared for a vendor license, there’s a good chance you’ll see their mobile, transforming bar—which was brilliantly engineered by Neal’s roommate Ben Schleif—showing up in other places around the city.

The idea combines the founders’ passion for bikes with their passion for coffee and has created a unique and intimate experience that allows the customer the opportunity to fully engage with the person making your coffee. It also give’s Kickstand a chance to educate customers about the differences in quality coffees and the brewing process while it takes place right in front of them. Good luck guys, you’ve got a successful summer ahead of you.

Kickstand Coffee
Interview on FREEWilliamsburg
Music: Island, IS by Volcano Choir

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The Coffee Brake


I really love coffee, but I equally love bikes and good design. So when I saw this mug I fell hard. It stung even more when I found out they aren’t available (yet!), but when they are, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. The Scallywags started out building frankenbikes in a garage up North, but now deliver coffee by bike to homes and businesses around Huntsville, AL. Here’s the scoop on their future offering.

Created by a world traveler who dared to ask the question: “What good is a sturdy metal mug with a flimsy plastic handle?” Whether you’re a hardcore coffee drinker or a dabbler, this 14 oz. double-walled insulated stainless steel mug is what you’re after. Bicycle brake handle fixed in one of two positions. Non-skid bottom and snug-fitting plastic lid.

They’ve got an inspiring story, check it out at

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