Bookman’s Bicycle Cup Holder



With spring on the horizon, the dreams of leisurely bike rides under blossoming trees and lounging in grass covered parks is almost within reach. If you’d like to add a fresh cup of coffee to the equation, your options for safely transporting it can be limited. Just in time for better weather, the Swedish cycling accessory company Bookman, known for their portable and powerful bike lights, has just launched a new cup holder for your bike to make your coffee’s journey easier.



The simple and utilitarian design attaches like a clamp and can be quickly and easily removed. The company claims that it will remain firmly in place, even over bumps—just be sure you’ve got the coffee’s lid on tight. The two rings are different sizes allowing you to flip the holder to accommodate a small or medium sized cup of coffee. I’m not sure if they can fit a KeepCup, but that would make them even nicer. Once they’re available, I’ll be sure to test them out.

Pre-order now at Bookman

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Your #KeepCupStyle Could Win You A New Bike


The team behind KeepCup, the environmentally friendly and reusable take-away cup, are offering two talented Instagrammers a chance to win a more environmentally friendly way to get to their favorite café.

To enter, just share your best photos of you and your favorite KeepCup on Instagram and tag with #keepcupstyle before November 30th. A panel of judges will select two of the best photos, whose lucky photographers will win a customized ride from Mojo Bikes.

Don’t have a KeepCup (read my thoughts on them here)? Lucky for you the latest shipment of DCILY KeepCups have just arrived in 8oz & 12oz sizes. So get yourself a KeepCup, fill it with your favorite coffee and start snapping photos of it around town. Next time you’re out and about, it could be on a fancy new set of wheels.

Visit KeepCup Style for more details and to browse your competition.

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Trailhead Coffee Cruiser


Trailhead Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon may embody all things that come to mind when you think of the Pacific Northwest, coffee, bikes, and all the beautiful parks to explore. They’ve worked with Metrofiets to have a custom cargo bike designed and built to carry around large loads of coffee that pretty much embodies their company mantra:

Trailhead Coffee Roasters was created to combine our passions in life: great coffee, being outdoors, strong communities and being good stewards to the earth.

The company gives back to its community locally and globally through Kiva and by providing coffee to bike races and commuter events around town, which probably gives them ample opportunities to take this beauty out for a spin. While I’ve never had their coffee, I’d love to try their Guatemala –”Our latest addition. Three words: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Amazing.” Sounds like it!

More photos on Metrofiet’s Flickr

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