Stumptown Speaks—A Note from Duane


Duane Sorenson, founder of Stumptown, has finally spoken more regarding new investment into the company. While he doesn’t answer all the questions many people are asking, as I said before, I take him at his word. Keep supporting farmers and selling great coffee and nothing else matters.

At a time when it’s difficult to find the financing to grow, run and operate a quality driven and sustainable business, I am pleased to announce that Stumptown has found an investor to help us offer opportunities and take care of our employees, farmers and customers like we’ve never been able to do before. I have been lucky enough to find an investor that will let me continue to run Stumptown and focus on the coffee.

Read the rest at Stumptown

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posted by on 06.08.2011, under Recommended Roasters


Wow we need more people like Duane Sorenson.

Roasted Coffee Beans ( 06/09/2011 at 8:03 pm )

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