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Seth Ciferri has been making custom tattoo machines since 1994 creating a range of unique liners and shaders. One of his latest is the “Light Roast” liner and in keeping with the roast theme, Seth partnered with fellow Portland business Courier Coffee Roasters to create a special packaging that combines the liner with ½ pound of coffee. Bringing together the two entities was Keegan Wenkman, who created some lovely lettering and illustration compositions for each, and printing those on a kraft paper bag. The result is something we will call Rustic Independent Chic. Or not. Point being, it’s very nice.

I love the unique collaboration between these two companies. The beautiful letterpress illustrations that represent Seth’s incredible machines really add to the handcrafted love that go into each venture. I haven’t tried the coffee, but coming from Portland, I bet it’s decent.

Check out Seth’s machines and Curier Coffee Roasters. More on the design at FPO.

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posted by on 12.09.2009, under Misc., Products, Recommended Roasters


That is so freaking cool.

will godwin ( 12/09/2009 at 10:12 am )

What a combo!


Head Ov Metal ( 11/04/2010 at 1:44 pm )

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