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Last summer I wrote about a prototype of a cement espresso machine, and this year I’ve come across one on the opposite end of the materials spectrum—built with Norwegian Poplar. The Linje, as it’s called, has a much softer presence and feels more refined than the cement model, but there’s probably just as little chance of it ever being produced. I really appreciate the natural finish of the wood, it appears much softer without the toxic shine of heavy varnish. The finish combined with the smooth profile of the machine make me want to reach out and touch it.

Created by Øystein Husby, Audun Grimstad, Åsne Kydland and Mariko Kurioka Rohde, their goal was to take a very Italian experience and transform it into something much more Norwegian through design. I think they’ve succeeded.

So, what distinguishes nordic design? Wood, we thought.

We have plenty of it, and the qualities of the material are many. It is esthetic and tactile and therefore a very rewarding material to work with, something we really experienced in this project.

Check out more photos from the construction at Husby’s website

While we’re on the subject, enjoy these other great examples of Norwegian wood.

Good luck Håkon!

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Wow… Just “Wow”… I want one!!!

My mom lives in Norway, and I just love the way they design things. So simple and clean, so easy on the eyes… you really do just want to touch it eh?

Any ideas what coffee machine they used for the inside? Couldn’t see from their website.

Billy.411 ( 05/28/2011 at 12:32 am )

Hello, this is beautiful and i’m a huge fan of this site.

why do you think it has a small chance of being produced? because its a small company or because of the product itself?

keep up the great work!

christina furr ( 05/29/2011 at 4:39 pm )

    Thanks Christina, I mention there’s a small chance of ti being produced because it was a school project, not a company who made the prototype. I think if they could make it work and affordable, it would sell like crazy. It’s quite beautiful. Although, I’m not a big fan of automated espresso. Glad you enjoy the site!

    bwj ( 05/29/2011 at 6:53 pm )

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