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In light of my comments yesterday, regarding coffee companies who work to improve the lives of farmers, I wanted to share one who is doing just that—connecting farmers with the consumers of their product. These relationships help educate the farmers and the consumer on many levels as well as help build a new sense of appreciation for the whole coffee system.

Last week I met with Emily Kerr of Liga Masiva and was extremely inspired by her heart for the Dominican Republic and the farmers who live there. While holding down a day job, she has successfully built and continued to grow Liga Masiva. Emily’s relationships with the farmers are as sincere as family and the passion expelled when she talks about her work is contagious.

While Liga Masiva is sold and brewed mainly in Dominican populated cafe’s in Washington Heights (NYC) as a way to connect customers with their DR roots, they have also begun reaching people though online sales, including a coffee subscription club. My favorite part, is the subscribers get postage-paid postcards each month to send messages directly to the farmers. Such an awesome way to show the coffee producers your appreciation and remind yourself of the families you are supporting.

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