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I recently discovered the Keep Cup and found it’s unique departure from other reusable mugs refreshing. It was designed by a pair of cafe owners who realized the waste produced by disposable cups. While I don’t find the design outstanding(it looks bloated), it is fun. The cups come in standard sizes to be easily adopted and used by any cafe. The company also introduced customization into the ordering process, allowing you to choose various colors for each part and create your own personalized Keep Cup. While I don’t endorse plastic, the company discusses their considerations thoroughly in their website’s faq.

Design your own Keep Cup.

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  • Reply Jennifer 06/06/2010 at 10:02 am

    I actually have a 16 oz. Keep Cup and absolutely adore it. I prefer to not use stainless steel tumblers so the cup can be a tad warm to the touch. But I let my coffee cool quite a bit anyway before sipping. The lid keeps the heat in pretty well but recommend drinking your coffee within 30 minutes if you prefer it closer to brew temperature. I use it for my iced coffee as well and expected the cup to sweat. This is the easiest cleaning and most eco-friendly travel cup I’ve found so far. The shipping was a bit pricey but I have gotten my money worth. If only there were a US supplier…

    • Reply bwj 06/08/2010 at 1:59 pm

      I was talking to someone from Keep Cup, but then they stopped responding. I’m interested to see one in person. I doubt I would personally use it because I refuse to drink from plastic, but I like the concept quite a bit. Nice to hear from someone who’s used one and likes it.

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