Green Coffee Defects


Here are some nice charts from the Colombia Coffee Hub that show 14 possible green coffee defects. They include brief summaries of what causes them and how they affect roasted coffee. I almost find it hard to look at—like photos of STDs in a science text book—the sad little leprous beans that will never make a happy cup of coffee. But we must not avert our gaze, but show compassion for the process, and learn from them.

If you haven’t signed up for the Colombia Coffee Hub yet, there’s a lot of  nice articles worth reading. It’s also a really cool site, but a bit lonely right now.

[click images for a larger view]

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  • Reply Nick Cho 11/16/2011 at 3:15 pm

    Nice defect chart! It’s most interesting when you compare it with the SCAA defect chart.

    The various “fadeds” are unique to this Colombian chart, as is differentiating cuts from splits (SCAA puts these together). “Crystalized” is interesting, especially the footnote that relieves Excelso (below Supremo) from the standard.

    On the other hand, the SCAA defect chart includes foreign matter (sticks, stones) and extraneous coffee matter (pulp, parchment), floaters, and shells or other bean mutations.

    Interesting stuff. Makes me think more about the origins and motivations behind these charts and standards.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, Brian!

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