With one week until Hanukkah begins and two weeks before Santa arrives, there’s still time to get the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. From the coffee curious to the barista champ-in-training, there’s something on this list for everyone. Just like in years past, the DCILY gift guide is a selection of the most desirable products I’ve come across that any coffee lover would be stoked to have. Grab a fresh cup and your credit card and enjoy the 2014 edition of DCILY’s Coffee Lover Gift Guide™.

1. The World Atlas of Coffee -$35- A gift for the mind. James Hoffmann is a former World Barista Champion, co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London, prolific internet writer and now author of this comprehensive hardback about coffee. If a class about coffee were taught in school, this would be its course book. The chapters range from farming to brewing to origin profiles—with a little bit of Hoffmann’s own heart and soul sprinkled throughout. Shop for The World Atlas of Coffee

2. Gino Glass Dripper -$24- A gift for the minimalist. The Gino Glass Dripper and its matching server are a beautifully minimal pour over set that utilizes the flat-bottom paper filters made by Kalita. The double-wall borosilicate glass pour over device was made by NotNeutral, who are most well known for their unique Lino line of coffee cups. The flat bottom style dripper is more forgiving than a V60 or Chemex and works great for those just learning about pour over coffee. Shop for Gino Dripper

3. Mayven Pins -$8- A gift for the flamboyant. Add more flair to your bespoke, leather detailed apron with these coffee-themed enamel pins from The Maven. Represent your favorite coffee icons on your lapel while working behind bar or out on the town. There are four different styles to choose from, or collect them all—Chemex, kettle, V60, and an AeroPress. Made in the USA. Shop for Mayven Pins

4. Master & Dynamic MH30 -$350- A gift for the music lover. Very few things pair as well with a great cup of coffee than the perfect music to fit the mood. Whether it’s in the morning while others are sleeping, on your urban commute, or sitting at your desk in the office; a pair of great headphones will transport you and your coffee to the place you’d rather be. Master & Dynamic are designing really well made headphones with a sound quality to match the quality you desire from your coffee. Metal and leather construction paired with crisp, balanced sound. Shop for MH30 Headphones

5. Pergtamp -$170- A gift for the professional. Matt Perger has won the World Brewer’s Cup, World Coffee & Good Spirits Championship and placed both 2nd and 3rd in the World Barista Championship. He knows a thing or two about making great coffee and he is constantly asking questions and looking for solutions to the problems he encounters as a barista. Perger’s high-profile use of the EK43 grinder has made some think about espresso in a new way, leading to the development of his own tamper that’s meant to maximize the use of an EK43 grinder and VST baskets for espresso. It’s meant to improve efficiency, consistency and extraction. Shop for PergTamp

6. Tanner Goods Coasters -$25- A gift for the homestead. The perfect coffee table should have some protection from your perfect cup of coffee. A well furnished house can remain well-kept with a little bit of care. Using effective accessories like these stamped leather coasters will keep your Noguchi coffee table spotless. Tanner Goods is a Portland, Oregon based company specializing in beautiful leather goods for the outdoors and the home. Made in the USA. Shop for Tanner Goods Coasters

7. Acaia Pearl Scale -$129- A gift for the well measured. The digital scale is one of the most important tools you can use to brew consistently delicious coffee. The power of the scale will help you to repeat your brewing successes and properly measure coffee beans that have varying densities. The Acaia scale began as a Kickstarter project and has continued to be refined since the first model was released. Apart from being the nicest looking scale you can buy, it has an incredible sensitivity and fast refresh. The scale also links to an app on mobile devices for mapping your brews. Shop for Acaia Scale

8. ThemoPop -$29- A gift for the meticulous. Brewing coffee can be as simple as pouring hot water over grounds or as complex as using precise water temperatures, honed kettle pouring techniques and specific extraction ratios. The rabbit hole goes as deep as you would like to follow it. For those beginning to care more about the specifics, the ThermoPop is a fantastic and affordable thermometer. I’ve found myself using this more than its expensive older sibling, the ThermaPen. There is a large backlit display that rotates, easy toggling between C°/F°, and a probe that’s thin enough to fit in the holes of a Hario Buono kettle. Read times are about 6 seconds. Shop for ThermoPop

9. Wilfa Svart Precision -$250 to $330- A gift for the parents. Maybe not just your parents, since you’ll enjoy it every time you visit. This auto-drip coffee maker from the Norwegian company Wilfa is the sharpest looking machine you will find. Apart from its unique design, it also maintains incredibly consistent water temperature, which is a key detail that most home coffee makers lack. The Precision offers a lot of clever features and brews consistently tasty coffee. Shop for Wilfa Precision

10. KeepCup Brew -$24 to $34- A gift for the ecological urbanite. The KeepCup has always been a convenient way to avoid using paper cups on-the-go. In the past, they were made from plastic, but have recently launched a new glass version. The KeepCup Brew comes with a colored silicone band or a limited edition natural cork band. It shouldn’t be thought of as a thermos, but simply a reusable take-away cup. They also work great for brewing with an AeroPress. Shop for KeepCup Brew

11. MistoBox Subscription -$114 to $180- A gift for the coffee-curious. Coffee beans are a key ingredient to your home brew, but choosing which coffee beans to buy while you’re still finding your way around the vast world of coffee can be equally daunting and exciting. A subscription from MistoBox will allow you to explore a variety of coffee from new roasters shipped to you each month—including coffee from specialty roasters, both big and small around the US.  Shop for Mistobox

12. La Marzocco Gs/3 -$6900 to $8275- A gift for the aspirational. Whether your loved one plans to open their own shop, cater events, or compete in a barista competition, the GS3 is for the most dedicated espresso enthusiasts. La Marzocco is known for some of the best professional grade espresso equipment and their GS3 is small enough to fit on your kitchen counter. Design your own at the newly launched La Marzocco Home website or let the professionals at Clive Coffee take care of the details. Comes in manual paddle or auto volumetric models. Shop for La Marzocco GS/3

13. Maak Lab Coffee Soap -$9- A gift for the dirty. This all natural olive oil-based soap is the perfect companion for washing up before and after brewing your morning coffee. It’s hand poured, just like your favorite cup of coffee and scented with botanicals, essential oils and ground coffee. Just the thought makes me want to get dirty. Made in the USA. Shop for Maak Lab Coffee Soap

14. TRVR Waxed Apron -$95- A gift for the well dressed. A well dressed barista needs to protect his and her threads. No need to worry when you’re wrapped up in this beautifully crafted apron handmade in South Korea by TRVR. The leather pockets can hold your tasting notes and tips along with a loop for your pen. Made for getting dirty, easy to wipe clean. Shop for TRVR Apron

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*Buying from local shops is highly encouraged, but for those without the luxury of well-stocked businesses nearby, shopping through DCILY’s curated Amazon Store and sponsors help support this site and the content you enjoy.*

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