Coffee Talk is Heaps of Pun


Let me start by saying that I’m not much of a board game person, but I made an exception to try this new coffee-themed game from the toy makers at Pressman. Since the tradition of consuming coffee often revolves around conversation, it’s fitting that a game modeled after it feels like a mixture of summer camp icebreakers, college drinking games and speed dating. I wouldn’t worry about the latter because there already are websites that provide dating for married and I’m not even married.

Coffee Talk comes packaged in a flashy, holographic coffee bag steeped in puns (or industry marketing satire?) that continues as you extract all the pieces. There are “instant coffee” and “creamer” cards, “sugar packets,” and coffee bean game pieces. The playing boards are shaped like take-away cups and the ultimate goal is to reach “robust” before anyone else. Though I find it more fitting to begin at “robust” and try to reach the lightest roast first.

Included is a stack of topic cards with subjects that range from blogs, Homer Simpson, and Chicago. Each player takes a turn (beginning with the person who drinks the most coffee) pulling a topic card. Once the topic is read aloud, players have 45 seconds to write down as many words that can be associated with the topic.

Any words that overlap with other players cancel themselves out, and every unique association collects 1 point. At the end of each round, players count their points and move their coffee beans higher up their coffee cup.

Twists come about when someone uses a “sugar packet” to sweeten up players who challenge the validity of a word, or when someone “creams” a topic they don’t want to play. If an “instant coffee” card is pulled from the bag, a new topic is drawn and everyone takes turns saying a word aloud until someone repeats one, or can’t think of something new—the loser has to chug the rest of their venti irish vanilla latte. Sláinte!

If you’re into game nights or host parties often, this could be a great addition to your collection. It’s really simple to learn, costs less than a bag of quality coffee, and its “perfectly blended for a good time.”

Coffee Talk

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