Coffee Snobs on FunnyOrDie


A new video on FunnyOrDie takes a shot at what they call “pretentious assholes that work at high end coffee shops and they make you feel stupid if you’re not as obsessed with a stupid drink as they are.”

The impact of a negative experience always seems to reverberate more with people than good ones, and in turn they become exaggerated and amplified. Though I don’t think this is representative of “third wave” specialty coffee as a whole, I’m not gonna lie and say I haven’t seen some of this—at some level anyway—in real life.

The truth can hurt, satire makes it funny, and some people really aren’t cut out for the service industry. It sucks that the video perpetuates a stereotype that could reflect poorly on quality-focused coffee shops, but then again, it’s just a joke. Enjoy.

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  • Reply Reid 10/04/2011 at 4:58 pm

    There is something appropriate in the fact that the only knowledge of coffee they demonstrate is nonsense. They are quite literally pretentious – they don’t actually know anything.

    I’m sure there are snobby baristas that have some actual knowledge, but I’d like to think that baristas who actually make the effort to learn about and understand coffee are doing so out of a genuine love of the stuff and a desire to improve their coffee and inspire such love in others. If you only want it for a sense of superiority, you are probably less likely to worry about veracity – you’ll settle for whatever the clique you surround yourself (probably coworkers) with takes to be true.

    I’m sure they just threw in whatever truthy pseudo-facts about coffee they could come up with because doing research for a three minute video would have been excessive, but that actually seems to lend a deeper level of resonance to the satire – they aren’t just mocking specialty coffee professionals, they are mocking pretenders that don’t really care about coffee.

  • Reply Kan det bli för mycket? | Brommabo 10/05/2011 at 4:38 pm

    […] på många sätt träffande tex fokuseringen på rostningsdatumet. Flera andra bloggar bla här, här och här tar upp om specialkaffe har imageproblem, det är mycket möjligt. Ett annat synsätt är […]

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