Coffee Feast GBG



Last weekend was the 4th and last regional Barista Cup of the year in Sweden. For this round, the barista competitions were combined with an all day public event called Coffee Feast GBG, organized by da Matteo and held at their roastery.

We have a simple idea with the event – to make it more public and more enjoyable for many more than just us avid coffee people.

The free event included a multi-roaster coffee lab in the morning and an evening party with food, drinks and live music. Best of all, they organized a Lunch Beat to warm up the crowd before the barista competitions began in the afternoon.

The first rule of Lunch Beat is everybody must dance.
The second rule of Lunch Beat is everybody must dance.

And so on…

This is how Sweden rolls.

I’m sorry I missed out. Coffee Common really needs more dancing.

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