CNNMoney’s 17 Best Small US Coffee Companies


The growth of small roasters and independent coffee companies in the USA is a great thing. I remember a time when everyone thought Starbucks would put all the independent coffee shops out of business, and it some places they may have come close. But it also inspired a revolution among smaller companies to experiment, progress and offer something the chain coffee shops weren’t—better quality.

As these companies become more prevalent, more of the mainstream media outlets will attempt to write about them—generally using every coffee pun and nickname they can imagine. However, any press is good press and CNNMoney has recently prepared an oddly numbered list of the USA’s 17 best small coffee makers. Really, why 17? While I agree with most of the list, there are a few shockers as well as some glaring omissions.

Read more about the companies on the list at CNNMoney.


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