Brewing up a good brand


The recent Seattle’s Best re-branding uproar has encouraged me to begin a series of posts I’ve had brewing for a while now. I plan to look at the leading coffee roasters and discuss their brand, packaging, and why I think they are or are not successful.

Coffee is a huge commodity, and for many people, buying coffee is as overwhelming as picking out a bottle of wine. When a customer can’t distinguish the subtleties in taste, they are left to rely on their remaining senses to help make decisions.

The way a brand of coffee represents itself in a cafe or on the supermarket shelf will determine how its perceived before you even have a chance to taste it. In the coming weeks I’ll discuss a variety of ways different coffee companies have positioned themselves to stand out in such a saturated market.

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  • Reply obn 05/20/2010 at 5:29 pm

    bwj, Here’s one to start with if you haven’t already. Look forward to reading future dcily posts!

  • Reply Nicole Lavelle 05/25/2010 at 1:02 am

    This sounds super interesting! We print a lot of packaging/collateral/signage for coffee shops at my work and I’m often staring at something like a coffee punchcard wondering whether it’s successful or not. I look forward to watching this unfold.

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