Black Coffee Friday


Black Friday is traditionally known in the US as the start of the holiday shopping season. The day when you set aside all thanks giving and fight your neighbors for the last Nintendo Wii at 5 in the morning to save $30.

Here at DCILY, I’m taking a cue from my friends at Holstee and refusing to partake in the madness. Instead, I’m disabling all the links to our stores and asking you not to buy anything, from anyone. Sleep in, enjoy another black coffee, allow your Thanksgiving dinner to fully digest and spend a bit more time with the ones you love.

To scratch any consumption itch you may have today, I partnered with Simon Ålander to give away wallpapers of his hand-lettered interpretation of “Enjoy Black Coffee.” Instead of buying something new, you can make the things you already own feel that way.

Download the size you need:

Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate image size onto your device, you should be able to set it as a background image in your preferences.

Enjoy the day and enjoy black coffee.

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