Betacup Winners


Winner: Karma Cup

The Betacup contest has come to an end with 430 entries! Yesterday, the jury selected winners were announced, and first place went to the Karma Cup! Karma Cup transforms buying your daily coffee into a game that can only be played by those with reusable cups. Every person who uses their own mug puts a mark on the chalkboard and every 10th person get’s their drink for free! This is a great idea and I really hope Starbuck’s implements it. This process of engagement is far more rewarding than a $0.10 discount.

Special Mention: Rice Husk Betacup

Special Mention: Champion Cup

Check out the other winners and finalists at Betacup.

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  • Reply Patrick Donnelly 07/22/2010 at 12:46 am

    YAY QR codes !

    Patrick Donnelly, QrArts

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