Beanhunter is esentially a Yelp for coffee shops; specifically independent coffee shops (no chains!). It has a really nice interface, with photos, maps, and information incuding hours, website, and contact information. All of the cafe’s are submited by users and approved by Beanhunter before being posted. You can add your own reviews to cafes that have alreay been added as well as your own photos for a location, creating different perspectives of each spot.

Complimenting the main website is a great Beanhunter iPhone app. It searches cafe’s nearsest your location, provides contact information and reviews, allows you to seach, add new, and even mark cafes as a favorite.

I’m not sure when Beanhunter launched, but most of the cafe’s seem to be in Australia and the UK right now, however its US cafe presence is steadily growing! Up to this Sunday(Jan 31), for every cafe you submit or review posted, you will be entered to win an iRoast 2 home roaster and 6kg of green beans. So if you haven’t joined yet, now’s as good a time as ever.

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