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Apatternaday is a project of Rachael Beresh, a designer from Detroit who currently lives and works in Boston. Rachael loves patterns and coffee, so it made sense that she sprinkle a bit of her talent on us here at Dear Coffee, I Love You.

Each day, a new pattern is designed, paired with its color inspiration and posted for everyone to enjoy. For the 100th pattern, Rachael was kind enough to add new life to our brand while infusing her own sense of character into the experience and joy of coffee. If DCILY ever opens it’s own cafe, I know who I’ll be hiring to design the upholstery. I asked Rachael about her process and relationship with the creative fuel we call coffee.

So this is your 100th pattern, does it mark anything significant for the project? Are you going to continue making patterns? My 100th pattern simply marks 100 patterns; 100 days of patterning. For any project you have to set goals and time lines and allow it to grow to the next thing. I noted my 100th pattern as a goal, that when reached, I’d turn my favorite patterns into fabric, using a tool called Spoonflower that allows artists and designers like myself to turn digital designs into physical things. Through college and even now I’ve been searching for ways to do this, whether that be in fabric, products, environments etc.

Patterning for me will never be a task, so of course I will continue to make patterns. I might approach them differently now that I have a large collection. I want to take more time doing one pattern. Apatternaday is an excise in doing something every day, not necessarily making mind blowing patterns every day. Patterning takes time and planning, especially if you are doing something more intricate. So yes, I plan on still making apatternaday but possibly approaching it a little differently.

This pattern suggests that you’re a coffee lover, is coffee an important part of your process? Coffee is an important part of my daily process. But it’s not just about the coffee itself for me; I love to sit down with a cup of coffee in just the right mug. I always notice how mugs fit in my hands and the thickness of the mug. I have a love for diner mugs. I think it’s the weight of the mug that does it for me.

How long would you say, on average, it takes to make one of your patterns (measured by cups of coffee consumed)? Depending on the day it might take me a cup, although I never finish a cup of coffee all at once. I am a sipper and I like the occasional “heat me up.” Sometimes it’s more of a leisure and could take 3 slow cups. It’s not about how much or how little time I spend on the pattern. It’s about doing.

What’s next for Apatternaday? What’s next, what’s next. I’ve thought about this since the first day I started apatternaday. I have plans and ideas, like… printing yardage of my designs, starting a store to sell my yardage, making products with my patterns, selling packs of my designs for people to purchase and use, designing and producing a pattern book, plus many more ideas. Someone once said to me “It’s all about ideas,” and I don’t think I am short on those.

Which pattern is your favorite (besides #100, obviously)? Pattern 92 – CHICKEN FEATHER. It’s the most recent one that comes to mind. It’s simple and has an openness in the repeat that some of my other patterns don’t have. I also had fun naming this one.

You are also part of a design collective with two other talented ladies, are they coffee drinkers as well? Who drinks the most? The ladies of ARM are both coffee drinkers as well. We all enjoy our coffee black….It’s a tough call of who drinks the most. I say it’s a close call between Megan and myself. I know Aubrey enjoys good cup of coffee but, also travels into the tea world a bit.

Who makes your favorite coffee, and how do you drink it? I know you would never approve of a drip coffee but, I enjoy a simple pot of drip coffee and just a morning blend no specific brand. I like to drink my coffee black and for me it’s the experience of the mug, the coffee and location that makes the cup enjoyable.

Thanks Rachael for taking the time to talk with us. Check out more pattern goodness while finishing your coffee over at apatternaday

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