Dear Coffee, I Love You is a design driven resource for coffee lovers around the world. DCILY has published articles, commentary and reviews that focus on the intersection of coffee, culture, creativity and design since 2009.

This site exists to inspire others to enjoy better coffee by promoting and supporting the highest quality beans, the most innovative design, and the creativity it fuels in people. Furthermore, DCILY hopes to encourage people to better appreciate the farmers who produce the beverage we love.

Love coffee, live well, give back & inspire others.


Brian W. Jones is the founder and editor of Dear Coffee, I Love You and the author of the book “Brew: Better Coffee at Home.” He is a designer and brand consultant—turned coffee professional–who splits his time between Sweden and California. Brian was one of the co-founders of the late Coffee Common and has given lectures about coffee and design in venues that range from Seattle to Stockholm to Shanghai.

For the past four years, the Swedish AeroPress Competition has been organized by Brian and he has competed in the Swedish Brewers Cup the last two years, finishing in the top 5 both times. He is currently Co-founder and Creative Director at AKA Coffee in Oakland, California.cialishttps://viagrasatisi.blogkullan.com/