A Year in Coffee Consumption 2012


Happy New Year everyone! While looking forward to great things in the coming year, here’s a look back at 2012—a great year for drinking coffee. It was my first full year living in Sweden so there was a big shift in the coffees I was able to have on a regular basis at home. Thanks to a few trips back to the US and those generous and willing enough to ship overseas I was still able to get a fair share of coffee from US roasters as well, many of which the bags were given away to other coffee lovers on this side of the world.

A few things I noticed in 2012 that I’m looking forward to becoming even more prominent in 2013 are the continued variety of fantastic coffees from El Salvador and coffees from new areas in Ethiopia, which taste great, but nothing like Yirgacheffe. I can also confirm that every coffee I tasted from Sumatra was still absolutely terrible.

All of the coffee bags above can be browsed in large scale on Flickr (or Pinterest)

Most Memorable Coffees
– Elida Estate Green-Tip Gesha, Panama. Verve Coffee
– Finca Los Lajones Gesha, Panama. Verve Coffee
– Michiti, Ethiopia. Tim Wendelboe
– Barrantes, Costa Rica. Koppi Coffee
– Yukro, Ethiopia. Coffee Collective
– El Diamante, Guatemala. Coffee Collective
– Elephante, El Salvador. Madcap Coffee
– El Majahual, El Salvador. Da Matteo
– Kiryama, Burundi. Seven Seeds
– Bufcafe, Rwanda. Detour Coffee

You can view last year’s coffee consumption here.

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